The Diamond Club of Hudson

The Diamond Club of Hudson | Christmas Vacation at the Ballpark |
Artificial Surface Fundraiser | Outfield Signage
The Ballpark at night

Club Objectives & Purposes

Following club bylaws, The Diamond Club of Hudson may do any of the following:
  • Collect & maintain a fund for baseball diamond upgrades and maintenance.
  • Sponsor a spring training opportunity to a warmer climate for high school players.
  • Sponsor an annual, national summer baseball tournament for youth players
  • Sponsor and provide professional instruction for clinics and camps to provide youth baseball players opportunities to develop and enhance their sport specific individual skills.
  • Provide financial support and assistance with fundraising activities to defer the costs of trips, tournaments, camps & clinics, as well as equipment, uniforms, liability insurance, umpire fees, and other associated expenses.
  • Any other activities to promote and carry on any other valid, non-profit purpose.