Brock Bivens P 2023 Cuyahoga Community College Committed
Jackson Eells 1B 2023 John Carroll Committed
Kade Keown OF 2023 Dennison Committed
Chris Maurer P/1B 2023 Mount Union Committed
John Poole DH 2023 Heidelberg Committed
Sam Scharville C 2023 Roanoke Committed
Preston Surace IF 2023 Framingham State Committed
Shane Kilfoyle P 2022 Butler Freshman
Connor Rubin OF 2021 Emerson College Sophomore
Connor Rubin, Emerson 2022
Corey Strazek 1B 2021 Ohio Wesleyan Sophomore
Corey Strazek, Ohio Wesleyan 2022
Blake Farley IF 2020 Ohio Wesleyan Junior
Blake Farley, Ohio Wesleyan 2021 Blake Farley, Ohio Wesleyan 2022
Joe Whitman P 2020 Purdue
Kent State
Joe Whitman, Purdue 2021 Joe Whitman, Purdue 2022
Sylvan Wiley P 2020 John Carroll Junior
Sylvan Wiley, John Carroll 2021 Sylvan Wiley, John Carroll 2022
Matthew Aukerman P 2019 John Carroll Senior
Matthew Aukerman, John Carroll 2020 Matthew Aukerman, John Carroll 2021 Matthew Aukerman, John Carroll 2022
Grant Gedeon C/P 2019 John Carroll Senior
Grant Gedeon, John Carroll 2020 Grant Gedeon, John Carroll 2021 Grant Gedeon, John Carroll 2022
Ethan Samangy P 2019 Wooster Senior
Ethan Samangy, Wooster 2020 Ethan Samangy, Wooster 2021 Ethan Samangy, Wooster 2022
Travis Wood C 2016 Ashland
Mount Union
Thiel College (Assistant Coach)
John Carroll (Assistant Coach)
Travis Wood, Mount Union 2017 Travis Wood, Mount Union 2018 Travis Wood, Mount Union 2019 Travis Wood, Mount Union 2020
Travis Wood, Thiel 2021 Travis Wood, Thiel 2021
Scott Lance SS/3B 1984 Wooster  
Dan Stumpfl SS/2B/3B 1985 Florida Southern College  
Steve Stumpfl C 1987 University of San Diego  
Pete Nardell C 1990 University of Akron  
Chris Gross P 1990 Grove City College  
Kevin Gross C 1991 Air Force Academy CVCA JV Coach
Chris Kessick C/3B/OF 1992 Purdue University Sioux Falls Canaries (I)
Mark Nardell 2B 1994 Butler Univesity,
University of Toledo
Luke Zarges C 1994 Heidelberg College  
Ambrose Insua C 1994 Denison University  
Jon Kessick C 1995 Ball State Bluefield Orioles (R), Delmarva Shorebirds (A), Frederick Keys (A+), Aberdeen Ironbirds (A-SS)
Jon Kessick
Aaron Zehnal OF/DH 1995 Ball State  
Gino Bertagna C 1998 Tarleton State University (TX)  
Jeremy Ison SS 1998 Miami University Bristol White Sox (R), Kannapolis Intimidators (A), Billings Mustangs (R), Florence Freedom (I), Miami Unversity (Associate Head Coach/Recruiting Coordinator)
Jeremy Ison, Miami (player) Jeremy Ison, Miami (coach) 2008 Jeremy Ison, Miami (coach) 2009 Jeremy Ison, Miami (coach) 2014 Jeremy Ison, Miami (coach) 2016
Chip Albright RHP 1999 Eastern Kentucky University  
Chip Albright, Eastern Kentucky
Mike Lynch RHP 1999 Hutchinson CC (KS),
Drexel University
Jeff Long LHP, OF 2001 Heidelberg College  
Jeff Long, Heidleberg
Bryan Buck OF 2002 Ohio University  
Shaun Lampe UMP 2002 Jim Evans Academy of Professional Umpiring United League (I), Coastal Plain League (I), Gulf Coast League (R), Northwest League (A-SS), South Atlantic League (A), Carolina League (A), Eastern League (AA), Pacific Coast League (AAA)
Shaun Lampe, Umpire
Tyler Young P 2002 RPI  
Bryan Gagat P 2002 BGSU, Kent State Club Baseball  
Chad Rothschild OF 2003 Kenyon College  
Chad Rothschild, Kenyon
Josh Holden OF   United States
Military Academy
GCL Reds (R), Billings Mustangs (R), Dayton Dragons (A), Sarasota Reds (A+)
Josh Holden, Army Josh Holden, Billings Mustangs Josh Holden, Dayton Dragons Josh Holden, Sarasota Reds
Bobby Cash INF 2004 Cleveland State
Bobby Cash, Cleveland State 2006 Bobby Cash, Cleveland State 2007 Bobby Cash, Cleveland State 2008
James Miller OF, 2B 2004 BGSU Club Baseball
James Miller, Bowling Green Club 2008
Caleb Heitman INF 2004 KSU Club Baseball
Jeff Cinadr RHP 2005 University of Toledo Hudson Valley Renegades (A-SS), Princeton Rays (R), Lake Erie Crushers (I), Traverse City Beach Bums (I)
Jeff Cinadr, Toledo 2006 Jeff Cinadr, Toledo 2007 Jeff Cinadr, Toledo 2008 Jeff Cinadr, Toledo 2009
Jeff Cinadr, Hudson Valley 2009 Jeff Cinadr, Lake Erie 2010 Jeff Cinadr, Lake Erie 2011 Jeff Cinadr, Traverse City 2011 Jeff Cinadr, Traverse City 2012
Ryan France LHP 2005 University of Toledo
Ryan France, Toledo 2006 Ryan France, Toledo 2007 Ryan France, Toledo 2008 Ryan France, Toledo 2009
Justin Held CF, 2B 2005 Denison University
Justin Held, Dennison 2007 Justin Held, Dennison 2009
Robert Rose 3B 2005 Mercyhurst North East,
Walsh University
Walsh University (Pitching Coach)
Robert Rose, Mercyhurst North East 2006 Robert Rose, Mercyhurst North East 2007
Robert Rose, Walsh 2009 Robert Rose, Walsh (Coach) 2013 Robert Rose, Walsh (Coach) 2014 Robert Rose, Walsh (Coach) 2015
Chris Beesley RHP 2006 University of Dayton
Chris Beesley, Dayton 2007
Kevin Kachele SS, P 2006 BGSU Club Baseball, KSU Club Baseball
Marc Miller OF 2006 BGSU Club Baseball,
Walsh University
Marc Miller, Walsh 2009 Marc Miller, Walsh 2010
Johnny Hornke SS/3B 2007 Miami University, Southern Wesleyan University
John Hornke, Miami 2008
Cole Johnson RHP 2007 Notre Dame GCL Twins (R), Elizabethton Twins (R), Beloit Snappers (A), Ft. Myers Miracle (A+), New Britain Rock Cats (AA), Chattanooga Lookouts (AA), Rochester Red Wings (AAA), Reno Aces (AAA), Mobile BayBears (AA)
Cole Johnson, Notre Dame 2008 Cole Johnson, Notre Dame 2009 Cole Johnson, Notre Dame 2010 Cole Johnson, Notre Dame 2011
Cole Johnson, Beloit 2012 Cole Johnson, Fort Myers 2013 Cole Johnson, New Britain 2013 Cole Johnson, Rochester 2015 Cole Johnson, Chattanooga 2015
Corey Sayers 1B 2007 Miami University, Kent State
Corey Sayers, Kent State 2010
Ty Wood 3B 2007 Mount Union Kenyon College (Assistant Coach)
Ty Wood, Mount Union 2008 Ty Wood, Mount Union 2009 Ty Wood, Mount Union 2010 Ty Wood, Mount Union 2011
Ty Wood, Kenyon (coach) 2012 Ty Wood, Kenyon (coach) 2014 Ty Wood, Kenyon (coach) 2018 Ty Wood, Kenyon (coach) 2020
Andy Zaebst LHP 2007 Ohio Northern
Andy Zaebst, Ohio Northern 2008 Andy Zaebst, Ohio Northern 2009
Chad Opalich 3B 2008 University of Dayton
Chad Opalich, Dayton 2009
Ryan Pavlik OF 2008 Ohio University
Ryan Pavlik, Ohio 2009
Todd Odell P 2008 Defiance College
Todd Odell, Defiance College 2009 Todd Odell, Defiance College 2010 Todd Odell, Defiance College 2011
Phil Furlong C 2009 UC Club Baseball Fairview Marlins
Phil Furlong, UC Club 2009
Anthony Calabrese INF 2010 Capital U.
Anthony Calabrese, Capital 2011 Anthony Calabrese, Capital 2012 Anthony Calabrese, Capital 2013 Anthony Calabrese, Capital 2014
Forrest Johnson C 2010 Notre Dame
Forrest Johnson, Notre Dame 2011 Forrest Johnson, Notre Dame 2012 Forrest Johnson, Notre Dame 2013 Forrest Johnson, Notre Dame 2014 Forrest Johnson, Notre Dame 2015
Andrew Mercer LHP 2010 Wooster, Capital U
Andrew Mercer, Wooster 2011 Andrew Mercer, Capital 2012
Anthony Wallis INF 2010 Mount Union
Anthony Wallis, Mount Union 2011
Zac Edwards RHP 2011 St. Bonaventure
Sinclair CC
Northern Kentucky
Zac Edwards, St Bonaventure 2012
Nate Shaw SS 2011 St. Bonaventure
Nate Shaw, St Bonaventure 2012
Duncan Moran 1B/3B 2012 Denison
Duncan Moran, Denison 2013 Duncan Moran, Denison 2014
Matt Ramsay C/OF 2011 Wofford, Michigan
Matt Ramsay, Wofford 2012 Matt Ramsay, Wofford 2013 Matt Ramsay, Wofford 2014 Matt Ramsay, Wofford 2015 Matt Ramsay, Michigan 2016
Mike Lewandowski 3B/SS 2012 Ashland
Mike Lewandowski, Ashland 2013 Mike Lewandowski, Ashland 2014 Mike Lewandowski, Ashland 2015 Mike Lewandowski, Ashland 2016
John Taylor OF 2012 Baldwin Wallace
John Taylor, Baldwin Wallace 2013 John Taylor, Baldwin Wallace 2014 John Taylor, Baldwin Wallace 2015 John Taylor, Baldwin Wallace 2016
C.J. Tosino OF 2012 Ohio Wesleyan
CJ Tosino, Ohio Wesleyan 2013 CJ Tosino, Ohio Wesleyan 2014 CJ Tosino, Ohio Wesleyan 2015 CJ Tosino, Ohio Wesleyan 2016
Brian Snyder OF 2013 Thiel
Brian Snyder, Theil 2014 Brian Snyder, Theil 2015
Mitch Schoenman C 2013 Ohio, Washington & Jefferson
Mitch Schoenman, Ohio 2015
Jono Chafe IF 2013 Kenyon
Jono Chafe, Kenyon 2014 Jono Chafe, Kenyon 2015 Jono Chafe, Kenyon 2016 Jono Chafe, Kenyon 2017
Alex Tench 3B/C 2013 Wooster
Alex Tench, Wooster 2014 Alex Tench, Wooster 2015 Alex Tench, Wooster 2016
Nanak Saran P 2014 Wooster Wooster (Volunteer Assistant)
Nanak Saran, Wooster 2015 Nanak Saran, Wooster 2016 Nanak Saran, Wooster 2017 Nanak Saran, Wooster 2018
Jacob Stuursma SS/2B 2014 Wooster  
Jacob Stuursma, Wooster 2016 Jacob Stuursma, Wooster 2017 Jacob Stuursma, Wooster 2018 Jacob Stuursma, Wooster 2019
Kevin Zullo P 2014 Ohio Wesleyan  
Kevin Zullo, Ohio Wesleyan 2015 Kevin Zullo, Ohio Wesleyan 2016 Kevin Zullo, Ohio Wesleyan 2017 Kevin Zullo, Ohio Wesleyan 2018
Mac Schoenman OF 2015 Ashland Bryant & Stratton College (Assistant Coach)
Mac Schoenman, Ashland 2017 Mac Schoenman, Ashland 2018
Joe Charpentier C 2016 John Carroll  
Joe Charpentier, John Carroll 2017 Joe Charpentier, John Carroll 2018 Joe Charpentier, John Carroll 2020
Bryce Kilfoyle OF 2017 Wittenberg  
Bryce Kilfoyle, Wittenberg 2018 Bryce Kilfoyle, Wittenberg 2019
Hayden Knox SS 2017 Wittenberg  
Hayden Knox, Wittenberg 2018 Hayden Knox, Wittenberg 2019
John Merrill P 2017 John Carroll  
John Merrill, John Carroll 2018 John Merrill, John Carroll 2020 John Merrill, John Carroll 2021
Eric Wentz OF 2017 Indiana Wesleyan,
Kent State
Eric Wentz, Indiana Wesleyan 2018 Eric Wentz, Kent State 2019 Eric Wentz, Kent State 2020 Eric Wentz, Kent State 2022
Alec Jackson 1B 2018 Washington & Jefferson  
Alec Jackson, Washington & Jefferson 2019 Alec Jackson, Washington & Jefferson 2020 Alec Jackson, Washington & Jefferson 2022
Isaac Wiley P 2018 Maryville College  
Isaac Wiley, Maryville 2019
Nolan O'Connell P 2019 Findlay
Nolan O'Connell, Findlay 2020 Nolan O'Connell, Findlay 2021
Aiden Samuel P 2019 Mount Union
Aiden Samuel, Mount Union 2020 Aiden Samuel, Mount Union 2021 Aiden Samuel, Mount Union 2022
Jack Seiple P 2019 Hiram  
Jack Seiple, Hiram 2020
Parker Tallman P 2019 West Virginia Wesleyan  
Parker Tallman, WVWU 2020 Parker Tallman, WVWU 2021
Tony Arroyo P/1B 2020 Bryant & Stratton College  
Tony Arroyo, Bryant & Stratton 2020

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Others that played baseball at Hudson, but went on to play other sports in college: Bryan McCullough '95 (Football, Miami University), Kevin Williams '95 (Football, Dennison/Miami University), Greg Boyette '94 (Golf, Akron/Hooters Pro Golf Tour), Luke Zarges '94 (Football, Heidelburg), Josh Holden (Football, Army), Ryan Allerman '01 (Football, Washington University in St. Louis), Matt Carducci '02 (Football, Ohio Wesleyan), Matt Knepp '02 (Football, Wooster), Kevin McCullough '02 (Football, Grand Rapids JC/Cincinnati), Chad Spence '02 (Football, Grand Rapids JC/Toledo), Ian Kost '02 (Football, Ohio Weslyian/Kent State), Andy Albright (Basketball, Lynchburg College), C.J. Novince '03 (Football, Walsh University), Chad Rothschild '03 (Football, Kenyon), Bill Nagy '06 (Football, Wisconsin, Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Lions), Isaac Charette '08 (Golf, Ohio/Kent State), David Nelson '12 (Football, Indiana), Tim Kennedy (Football, Mount Union), Nolan Laughlin '17 (Golf, John Carroll).

Please email us if there are Hudson alumni that played baseball or other sports in college that are missing from this list. Also if you have any information to fill in the blank spots or "mug shots" that I am missing please email us at