How to Help the Project

Do send:

  1. As many photographs as are necessary to show CLEARLY what the helmet looks like. Clear photographs (preferably in COLOR) are necessary so that I can accurately depict the placement, size, and orientation of the logo or numerals (if any) which are used on the helmet.

    Unfortunately, the pictures that best show the decals will usually not show the stripes well, so an extra photograph may be necessary to show the relative widths of the stripes (no guessing or assuming, PLEASE!).
  2. A copy of the logo decal worn on the helmet (if there is one).

    Even a logo that appears simple to you, like a red helmet with an "S", requires a photo because that "S" is a specific size, font, width of outlines, etc.
Do not send:
  1. drawings of helmets
  2. photographs of mini helmets
  3. my own graphics (this happens more often than you would think)
  4. other folks' helmet graphics

I certainly appreciate your help! However, please do not hassle me about when your favorite helmet will be done. I will get to it when I get to it. I love working on helmets and am doing this for free in my spare time. As with any hobby, it is at the mercy of more important life events. Among other things, I have a demanding day job, a wife, a house, I help with Hudson baseball in the spring, follow Miami University sports, keep statistics for Hudson football, and run,,, I am in no way looking for pity, but sometimes helmets take a back seat.


By far the easiest way for me to complete a helmet is to have an actual decal and a photograph. There have been many generous folks who have contributed actual decals and their helmets are featured in the Hall of Fame on the front page. If you would like to donate a decal, please email me and I will gladly give you my address.

A scan of the actual helmet decal would be great, too!

As the complexity of logos increases, it becomes increasingly crucial that I work from the decal itself or a scan of the decal.

If I do not have an actual decal in hand, the next easist for me is to have a copy of the logo. By a "copy of the logo", I do not mean the same thing as a photograph that shows the logo on the helmet. I simply mean the logo as it would appear on a flat surface before being stuck on the helmet, as would be used on a media guide or a game program or a web page, etc. A "copy of the logo" will be a graphic image (gif, png, jpg, etc.) rather than a photograph, and preferably its color(s) will be the same as when used on the helmet.

If the logo consists of just a word (i.e., "Tigers" or "GIANTS"), I need a copy of it, because I have no way of knowing what font it was done in, nor do I necessarily have access to that font if I did know which one to use. Please only send me actual copies of these logos or a perfect photo of the helmet, not approximate versions of them you have drawn yourself!

By "perfect photo", I mean an extrememly clear, straight-on, glare-free, side-view photo of a helmet and its logo. This is very useful to me, especially for basic logos. I am able to recreate a reasonably simple logo if given an excellent view of it.

I need these TWO things (logo + photo) to ensure that the contents of this site are accurate and to prevent me from having to re-draw something in the future when I find out that I got something wrong the first time. I like to avoid rework! I have a scanner, so actual decals or copies of logos on paper would be great if you are willing to mail them to me.

If the material is available somewhere on the internet, please just email me the address of that material.